About Nathan Sproul


Nathan Sproul serves as the Founder and Managing Director of Lincoln Strategy Group. As the chief public representative of the firm, Nathan manages day-to-day operations and oversees Lincoln’s team of highly accomplished and impactful campaign consultants.

Under Nathan Sproul’s leadership, Lincoln Strategy Group specializes in managing campaigns both in the political and corporate public affairs sector, operating projects from inception to completion or anywhere in-between.  Lincoln Strategy Group has managed over 1000 campaigns for clients in all 50 states and abroad across more than 15 different industries. Lincoln has worked on four presidential campaigns, multiple gubernatorial, senatorial, and congressional campaigns, and local campaigns at every level.

Grassroots Campaigning: Mobilizing the Masses

As a political industry insider, Nathan Sproul has led Lincoln Strategy Group in organizing and deploying over 36,000 field workers and qualified over 250 candidates and issues for the ballot. More than 11 million doors have been knocked on through the orchestrated grassroots efforts of Lincoln. With his vast experience, Nathan knows how to motivate canvassers to get campaign materials in front of potential voters and authentically engage the constituency.

Nathan-Sproul-Lincoln-Strategy-Group-LogoAlthough grassroots campaigning has been a mainstay in politics since before technology changed the way we communicate, Nathan Sproul has seen grassroots campaigns become an increasingly necessary outreach strategy for candidates and corporations. There’s nothing more compelling than meeting and motivating your audience through on-the-ground interactions that engage people where they are. Research suggests that these types of person-to-person outreach initiatives are proven to mobilize hundreds of thousands or even millions of people.

Public Affairs: Bridging the Divide

Nathan Sproul continues to lead Lincoln Strategy Group to be an innovator in public affairs and government relations. Nathan Sproul’s team has effectively lobbied government at all levels. His team includes a former Congressional Chief of Staff, several former legislative aides, and a former corporate lobbyist. All of whom work to provide clients the type of access they need to effect public policy.

Nathan has also positioned Lincoln Strategy Group as a player in the media and advertising arenas, providing strategic media advice and employing in-house communications specialists who can correspond with the media on a client’s particular issue. Whether it’s a crisis or long-term planning, Nathan Sproul brings clients the experience and relationships to get their message out to the media. Nathan knows firsthand that television and social media are critical tools in effective campaign messaging. So, Lincoln Strategy Group is also one-stop-shopping for television social media campaigns.

For 13 years, Nathan Sproul and Lincoln Strategy Group have been offering clients customized solutions for their corporate public affairs and public relations’ needs. Those strategies are uniquely designed to meet any and all client needs–from creating a campaign management plan with a quantifiable impact to outlining a crisis communication program with winning messages that sway opinion.

Says Nathan: “My team and I are tasked with surmounting challenges that appear to others to be unscalable; we’re asked to amend scenarios that many assume are difficult if not downright impossible to improve.  At Lincoln Strategy Group, we specialize in creating opportunities and we facilitate watershed moments that make all the difference for our clients.”

To learn more about Nathan Sproul, visit the Lincoln Strategy Group website.